Paytm has recently enabled UPI, and all the users can now add money to their Paytm wallets using their UPI (unified payment interface) ID. Now, users can add money to their wallet more easily.

Steps to Add Money to Paytm Wallet via UPI

1. Login to your Paytm account and enter the amount that you want to add.

2. Proceed to Payment and select UPI as the payment method. Enter your Virtual Payment Address and click on “Pay Now.”

3. Your UPI Enabled App would show a collect Payment notification. choose the right transaction and click on “Approve

4. That’s it! The Payment will be made instantly, and the money will be deposited to your Paytm wallet. You will also receive a payment confirmation.

Some points to note

According to the RBI’s Guidelines, you can add anywhere between ₹1 to ₹20,000 at one time to your Paytm wallet.

Please note that you must have a UPI-Enabled app on your smartphone to transact using UPI. PhonePe App, BHIM are some of the popular UPI Apps. SBI, HDFC, ICIC and many other banks also have their own UPI Apps.

Please note that the mobile number registered with the bank account must be same of the one that you are currently using.

In case, you are using different mobile number, make sure you contact the representative bank and change your registered mobile number.

The UPI option is currently live on iOS and the web, very soon Paytm will enable UPI on their Android App.

What is VPA?

VPA is a virtual private address which uniquely connects a user’s identity with his/her bank account. You can just share your VPA with any merchant site, and it can make a payment request to you.

You can also send money to anybody by using their VPA instead of their mobile number. You don’t have to share private and confidential information like mobile number, bank account number, IFSC codes, etc.

When you add money to your Paytm Wallet from UPI, there will be no transaction charges. If you have any Queries regarding this, post in the comments section, and I’ll answer them.


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