Airtel Have now launched a new offer called “Airtel Happy Hours” for its prepaid users. Now, all the prepaid users can get 50% Internet Data back for all the In-App Downloads that are scheduled between 3.00 am and 5.00 am.

The 50% Data Back will be credited to your account after 6.00 am, same day. For Example, If you schedule a video, content or Music Download of 200 MB between 3 am to 5 am, then 100 MB will be credited back to your account after 6 am.

All the Airtel prepaid users can avail the “Airtel Happy Hours Offer” and there are no further charges. You Don’t need to activate any special packages, and the Airtel Happy Hours works on the existing Data packs. Also, No additional subscription is required to avail the Data Back benefits.

The Best thing about Airtel Happy Hours is, You can now offline content on apps like youtube and FastFilmz and save 50% Data using the Happy Hours option.

Airtel Happy Hours

Ajai Puri, Director, Bharti Airtel, said. “Happy Hours is yet another innovation from Airtel and a win-win proposition for both customers and developers. While customers get the benefit of convenience & value, developers can look forward to higher in-app content uptake. We invite all app developers to leverage this innovative product,”

In Case, you already activated discounted night packs or Double data packs by Airtel, and you will not be eligible for the Airtel Happy Hours Offer.

Airtel Has previously introduced “Smart Offline” feature on Youtube App where users can watch more videos and save data charges.

Source: Airtel

How to Use Smart Offline on Youtube?

1. See a Video you would like to view at any time and offline it by clicking on the “offline icon.”

2. Select “Save Overnight With Airtel Happy Hours” to get 50% of data used for free.

3. That’s it! Your videos will be downloaded Automatically between 3 am and 5 am and you can find videos in the “Saved Videos” tab under your youtube account. Also, the 50% Data will be deposited to your account after 6 am.



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