Amazon India is now offering up to 35% Discount on Dell Laptops If you are Looking to Buy a Brand new Dell Laptop you can make use of this Amazon India Dell Laptop Offers and save some bucks.

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During the Sale Period, you can save more money by Making use of the Amazon India Bank Cashback offers. Dell is one of the Most Trusted and Reputed Brands and Buying a Dell Laptop at is the Better than buying it Offline or on another e-commerce portal. The Main Reason why I suggest you to shop at Amazon India is their Top-notch customer service.

Amazon India Dell Laptop Offers – How to Redeem?

1. First Visit the Offer Page Here.

2. Use the Left Menu to select Laptop Brand, Discount, Price, Screen Size, HDD-Size, Ram, CPU Speed, Graphics Processor, Operating System, Processor Type and other options.

3. Select any of the Laptop according to your wish and add it to the cart.

4. Proceed to the checkout page and enter all the required details like Name, Address, Mobile number and Pin code.

5. Make the Payment, and you can also place the “Cash On Delivery” Order if Eligible.

Bingo! You will receive your Amazon Order within a couple of Days. You can also Pay extra Rs 100 if you want to receive the order next day.

Amazon India Dell Laptop Offers – Some Points to note

Before Purchasing a Laptop, you should know something about the specs and features of the Laptop.


A Laptop that features a 15″-inch display and has an HD Resolution is good enough. Most of the Budget Laptop features a 1336 x 768 Resolution.

If you are looking to buy a Laptop for Gaming or Video Editing, you should purchase a laptop that sports Full HD Resolution. Since nowadays all the smartphones are capable of editing 1080P HD videos, you need a Laptop that sports a Full HD resolution to edit and enjoy all the details in the video. Don’t Worry! You can Buy a Decent Multi-Tasking Dell Laptop by making use of Amazon India Dell Laptop Offers.


Core i3 Processor is enough if you want a laptop for general purpose work, watching movies and browsing internet. If you are a mediocre Gamer who likes to play some games or edit videos, you need an i5 processor.

You should note that the names i3, i5, and i7 are just numbers, and several other factors determine the performance of a processor. Some of the key specs of the processor are some cores, Clock Speed (in GHz), Cache Size and Hyper-Threading.

i7 Processor is required only when you want to edit High-Resolution videos to Play Heavy PC Games like GTA V, Call Of Duty, Assassin Creed at Full Resolution. If you are a serious gamer, Dell Alienware is the Laptop you should check out now.

Dedicated Graphics

All the Intel Powered Laptops comes with Intel Integrated HD Graphics that is more than enough for Daily use. As I mentioned earlier, if you want to run multiple software and Render Videos you need a Dedicated Graphic card like Nvidia.

4GB DDR3 Ram is good enough to do some multi-tasking, you can upgrade the memory of Laptop any time Later.

Operating System

Windows 8 is good enough if you are looking to buy a windows-Laptop, you can also upgrade to Windows 10 Easily and for free of cost. Dell Laptops are also available with Linux Based Operating systems. You can also buy a laptop that comes with Dos Operating system and saves a few bucks.

The Build Quality of the Dell Laptops is very Good, and the Plastic Body is soft and decent looking with ample strength to withstand medium rough usage.

Now, Most are the Dell Laptops are equipped with USB 3.0 ports for faster data transfer, so always consider buying a laptop that comes with at least one USB 3.0 Port.

Battery Life

Even though Dell Laptops offer a Good Battery Life, I recommend you to follow some tips that can increase the Battery life of your Laptop. Always Remove the Charger when your Battery reaches 100% charging and don’t charge it till the Battery Drops out to 10%, You can also disable the Startup programs to speed up the Booting, also uninstall unnecessary programs. You can read more Laptop Battery Life Saving tips at PCmag


It is better to buy a Laptop that comes with a Solid State Drive since the SSD performs much better than the traditional Hard Disk Drive. If you are on a Budget, you can just sell your new Hard Drive on eBay and Replace with a 250 GB SSD.

The Cost of the SSD is a bit more than the HDD, but you will notice a tremendous change in the speed and performance of the Laptop when you replace your Hard Disk Drive with a Solid State Drive.

I have thrown away the 1 TB Hard Disk drive of my Laptop and got it replaced with a Samsung 850 EVO 120GB 2.5-Inch SATA. Now my Laptop Boots within a couple of seconds and I don’t notice a lag even when I open 20 Tabs in Google Chrome 🙂

By Making use of the Amazon India, Dell Laptop offers you can buy a Well configured and Decent Laptop at an affordable Price, Dell is one of the most reputed brands in India famous for its Build Quality, Performance and the customer service, As of now the only Rival for Dell in India is Hp. Both are offering excellent service and Strongly Built Laptop for Daily use.

If you are Planning to Buy a Dell Laptop During the Festival Sale or any other occasion, you can also make use of Amazon India Bank Cashback offers and save a few bucks on your Order.

For Now, Make use of this Amazon India Dell Laptop offers and Gift a Nice Laptop For Yourself 🙂


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