Hello Everyone 🙂 In this Post, I am going to post some of the best deals on the televisions and help you choose the best television. As all of us know that flipkart.com will be offering a lot of deals and discounts on all the home appliances and televisions as a part of the Flipkart Big Billion Day Sale from 2nd to 6th October 2016.

The Television offers are live from 2nd Oct to 6th Oct 2016. You can also get additional 10% Instant discount when you make the payment using SBI Credit and Debit cards. Make use of the Flipkart Television offers and Grab a Stunning LED Television for Home. In case, you are not sure which TV to buy, you can read our guide to Best 32 Inch TVs, Best 40 – 43 Inch Smart TVs and Best 55 inch 4K TVs. Also, Don’t forget to make use of the SBI Discount offer.

Flipkart Freedom Sale Offers – Which Television Should I choose?

The are a wide range of options out there and we are pretty much confused what model to choose? We have a lot of 4K resolution Television out there, televisions which have built in wi-fi options, Android-powered televisions, 3D and smart televisions and all of them have different resolutions like Full HD, Ultra HD(4k), HD Ready.

Difference between Full HD(1080P), HD Ready(720p), Ultra HD(4K)

Flipkart Big Billion Day Televisions Offers

Imagine that the above image is your television, The entire television is a 4k television and the small rectangles in that image are the respective Tv’s. By looking at the image, we can clearly say that The 4K resolution has the highest level of detail and more pixels in the screen.

So, should I go for a 4K Tv? Wait! Here is something you should know before buying a 4K tv.

The only reason I don’t recommend buying a 4K Tv is that we don’t have native 4K content to enjoy the every detail of the television we brought. Even though some of the youtube channels are now making 4K videos, there is no enough bandwidth or internet service provider who offers unlimited plans for us to watch the 4K videos without any buffering.

Even the highest paid and unlimited plans have fair use policy and the 4K videos which were streamed from youtube kills all the bandwidth. All the Bluray discs are limited to 1080P display. So the truth is that we can’t enjoy the 4K TV we brought.

The price of those 4K tv’s are not affordable, for now!. over the past couple of years the prices of the led Televisions had been decreasing and now the LED Tv’s are affordable for everyone. We can buy a Led Tv for a decent price tag.

Some Tips For you

  • Led televisions are now available in different sizes and resolutions, Here are the some of the features that you should consider while purchasing a LED television.
  • If you are planning to purchase a 32-inch TV or above make sure it is FULL HD(1080P). Some of the cheap branded televisions are offering 32-inch LED with HD Ready(720P) Display Resolution.
  • The 720P Resolution is Good for a 22-24 Inch TV. But, for a 32 inch Tv, Full HD is a must.
  • Always consider Buying a TV which supports HDMI and USB connectivity, Most of the Televisions now support these features, but we have to look at the features before purchasing the product.
  • Make sure you read all the user reviews in the Flipkart comment section. The user reviews are such a big deal since all of them have personally experienced the product. Any rating 4 or above can be taken into consideration.

If you are confused or having any queries regarding the purchase of  Television, post them in the comments section, and I’ll be glad to answer them 🙂


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