Now, you can use your fingerprint as your Paytm password. To Make the Paytm Wallet more secure, you can use your fingerprint as a password to pay or access your Paytm Passbook.

In case, your friends or children use your smartphone. The fingerprint security can prevent them from accessing your Paytm Wallet. The Paytm Wallet App Password feature is currently available on the latest Android App. So, Make sure you update the Paytm App to the latest version.

Steps to set Fingerprint as a Paytm Password

1. First, set the smartphone’s default Android security password. Go to Settings > Security > Screen Lock > Select screen lock, and you can choose fingerprint to protect your phone.

Note: you can also set Pin, Password or Pattern.

2. Open the Paytm App, Login to your account and click on “Pay” or “Passbook.”

3. A Pop-up will appear asking you to enable the new security feature. Tap on “Add security feature” and you will be asked to reconfirm your fingerprint/phone’s pin/password/pattern depending on what you have selected as your default Android protection.

4. Once you make the confirmation, the Paytm App password will be set.

Next time when you click on “Passbook” or “Pay,” you will be prompted to enter the App Password.

How to Remove the Paytm App Password

In case, you do not want the Paytm App security feature, Open the Paytm App, Go to Profile > Security & Settings > Android security feature > Turn Off.

Now, reconfirm the Pin/Password/Pattern/fingerprint, and the Paytm App password will be disabled.

Now, you know How To Set Fingerprint As your Paytm Password. Just enable this feature and your Paytm Wallet is protected even if you lose your smartphone. Please note that the App Password is needed in order to access the Password or to send money. No Worries 🙂


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