Jio SIM Home Delivery: Starting 17th November, Reliance Jio has begun providing Home Delivery Of Jio SIM Cards via the eKYC process. A Person can get up to 9 Jio SIM Cards via this process. Jio At Your Doorstep facility is available for Both individuals and Enterprise also. Update: Now, users can enjoy Free 4G Data, voice, video calls till 31st March 2017 Under Jio Happy New Year offer.

Reliance Jio wants to gain more number of subscribers and is trying to reach its target of 100 million users before the commercial launch. If you want to get Jio SIM Home delivered, you Just have to fill a form on the website and request a Jio Service personnel to come to your place for delivering the Sim card.

Please note that Aadhar Card is a must to complete the eKYC – Jio Home Delivery process. You also have to generate the Jio Welcome offer code. As of now, the Jio SIM Home Delivery service is available in Metropolitan Cities like Delhi, Mumbai, and Banglore. Very Soon, the service will be rolled out to other cities and towns.

Steps To – Jio SIM Home Delivery – Jio At Your Doorstep

1. First, Install the MyJio App and Generate the Barcode.

2. Visit Jio at your doorstep page. Check your location and make sure if the Jio Home delivery service is available in your city.

3. Select Your City, Pincode, Enter your Building Name, Address, Landmark and Personal details like Name and Mobile Number.

4. You can also choose the Time of the Day the Jio Service personnel should visit your Home.

5. Make sure you Keep your Aadhar Card and MyJio Barcode with you when the Jio Team visits your Home.

6. The Jio Personnel will Scan your Aadhar Card and verify your details via Fingerprint Scanner eKYC Process and will give you the number of sim cards you require.

You can get a maximum of 9 Sim Cards through the Jio SIM Home Delivery process (TRAI Limit). So, you can easily get Jio sim cards for your Whole family without even visiting Reliance Store.

We all know that ₹500 and ₹100 Notes are Demonetized, and people are standing in front of banks to exchange the notes. Previously, when Jio was launched on 5th September, More number of youth were found standing in front of Reliance Digital stores to enjoy the free data and other benefits of the Jio Welcome offer.

That’s it! Once the verification is successful, your Jio sim card will be activated within one couple of hours. Just get the Jio SIM Home Delivered and Enjoy Unlimited Voice Calls and Data. If you have any queries regarding Jio At Your Doorstep and Jio Home delivery, Post them in the comments section below and I’ll answer them.


  1. Hello My native place is karur. Now im live in Chennai. But both in insideTamilnadu.Can i get 4g Jio Sim with in my native place Aadhaar Card Proof?

  2. is there any charges to pay for it ? it is trustworthy service na? if i give adhar details it will not misused na? by your agent? it is free jio data voice call if i get the Jio sim ?

  3. Sir,accidently I ordered jio sim home delivery,but I don’t have Aadhar card of the local address,what should I do now to cancel the order or is there any other alternative?

    • Simply. Just te eKYC verifying agent. That i saw many fraud in online like sim is not activate even after one week so iam not going for it. Sorry

  4. My age is 15.can I get Jio sim I have my adhar card of my local place.but the company person say that the customers should be above 18.

  5. Very bad service the net speed always remain 0.67k/s and the things Also takes 1 hour to download the 40 mb game very bad network
    Not get any benefit from free net

  6. I ordered a Jio sim..with home delivery option

    Got a SMS when that will be delivered between 7 to 8 pm
    “Your request for Jio SIM delivery is sucessfully placed for 29-Dec-2016 at 19:00 to 20:00 hrs. Rider details will be sent when your order is out for delivery.”
    Contacted the store assigned to dispatch it when it didn’t come and the person there denied that there’s any such home delivery service
    Then I get a message

    Due to heavy demand, your Jio SIM was not delivered today. We will attempt again on 30/Dec betwn 07 pm to 08 pm. To change your slot click

    So I. Changed the store to a place near my work place and delivery time for tom

    Is this all an eyewash as the person in the store categorically denied that there’s anything like home delivery

  7. I have completed all the formalities but when i called the jio customer care they said that they have not received the application so what should i do ?

  8. I booked for jio sim, and one person come to my home and took my adhar nomber and thumb imprestion then told that netwark problem and wentaway , but evining I got message that your jio sim delivard to you, now what to do, shall I complaint police or go to midia?

    • Contact Jio customer care. Your fingerprint is taken which means your sim card is registered. If you don’t act, they might misuse your details.

  9. I want a sim from Andhra Pradesh but my Aadhar card has the address of West Bengal. Will I get the Jio Sim Home Delivery?

  10. Hi,My Adhar Original is in my home town Andhrapradesh and am working in Telangana.Is adhar original can be shown?when Jio team visiting home or any scan copies are enough?

  11. Hi
    My adhar card is frim different state and i live in mumbai… in a rent property
    Can i get jio…
    Else give me the suggestions that i can use jio sim

  12. Is it compulsory to have a aadhar card which is made in Delhi itself or we can use a aadhar card of another state.

  13. HI,
    I have the aadhar card with address from state Madhya Pradesh,but got it done from karnataka.Can I use same for eKYC.

  14. Hello I want to apply for new job SIM. I have installed the my jio app. But I am not able to apply for SIM through app. Plz do help.
    Waiting for ur kind response
    Thank you

  15. My age is 16 can i get the jio sim.
    I have barcode and my adhaar card i an also register in my doorstep jio i live in delhi and my adhaar card is shahjhanpur city.

  16. I haven’t bought a jio sim so far and the code I generated is now showing that the code is redeemed.
    What does this mean?

  17. I have been residing in bangalore past 13 years. But in my Aadhaar is having mine native address. i.e, in Tamilnadu. How to get my Sim. My residence proof is HP Gas Connection only I have – FYI

    • Aadhar card with local address is Mandatory. You can change the Address on your Aadhar card online or by visiting nearest aadhar card centre


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