Say thanks to Paytm. Now all the registered Paytm users can perform transactions without internet. Paytm has launched a Toll-Free Number (1800 1800 1234) via which users can pay any Paytm customer without an active internet connection.

The best thing is, the Paytm Toll-Free Number will also help feature phone users to go cashless. All you have to do is set a 4 Digit Paytm PIN on call.

Please note that the service is available only for the users that are already registered with paytm. You will have to call the Paytm Toll Free number from the mobile number that is registered with paytm.

Steps to set Paytm 4 Digit PIN on call

If you are new to paytm, register with Paytm using your mobile number. (via Andriod or ios App)

Dial Toll-Free Number (1800 1800 1234) using the registered mobile number and select the language.

Now, set your 4 Digit Paytm PIN on call

Steps to Send Money via Paytm Toll-Free Number

Dial 1800 1800 1234

Enter the recipient’s mobile number and Amount

Enter the 4 Digit Paytm Pin

That’s it! The Payment will be sent to the recipient’s Paytm wallet instantly


Note: If you use a feature phone and don’t have a paytm account, you can use a friend or relative’s smartphone to register with Paytm. Don’t forget to log out 😉

While you can send the money via your feature phone, Adding money to your Paytm wallet must be done via Paytm App, or you can visit the nearest Paytm Cash-in points to top-up your Paytm Wallet.

As of now, there are more than 2,00,000 Paytm cash-in points across the country. You can find the nearest one here.

Now, a lot of small shopkeepers and merchants are implementing Paytm QR Code for Payments. So, It is better to add some money to your Paytm wallet and perform the transactions cashlessly.

You can also transfer the Money from the Paytm Wallet to bank account easily. Also, If you are a KYC verified Paytm user, you can store up to Rs. One Lakh in your Paytm Wallet.

The Paytm Offline Toll-Free Payment service will be very useful for all the feature phone users and those who don’t have an active Internet connection at all the times.


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