Reliance has just launched eKYC Jio – Aadhar based Signup and the customers can get Fully Activated Jio SIM Card in within 15 minutes. So, All the Aadhar Card holders can step into Reliance Digital and Xpress Mini Stores and get their Jio Connection activated in 15 minutes via Jio eKYC process.  Update: Now, users can enjoy Free 4G Data, voice, video calls till 31st March 2017 Under Jio Happy New Year offer.

All you need to do is generate offer code, visit nearby Reliance Digital or Xpress Mini store and verify Aadhar card details and provide your biometric data (fingerprint or Iris). Steps To Get Sim Card Home Delivered

Your Jio Sim Card will be activated as soon as you insert it into your 4G smartphone. Most of the users had already got their Jio Sim Card but are expressing frustration since their Jio SIM is not activated even after 3-4 Days. The eKYC Jio Aadhar based signup will be implemented very soon in all the cities and towns. Reliance Jio has also launched MNP (Mobile Number Potability) Service.

The Jio eKYC e-Aadhar Sign up for the Users will first go live in Mumbai and Delhi. Reliance Promised that they would be launching the eKYC Jio Signup process across other cities in India in a few weeks. Mr. Mukesh Ambani Also hinted that Jio Could also start home delivery for its SIM Cards.

The government of India had already officially announced Aadhar based e-KYC (Electronic Know Your Customer) facility for SIM Cards. The on-the-spot verification process can save 24 crore sheets of paper and 50,000 Trees per year. According to, once the eKYC is implemented by all Telecom, Rs 10,000 crore can be saved per year.

Also, only Authenticated representative can access Aadhar card details of new customers thereby avoiding abuse of their Aadhar card details.

Airtel and Vodafone are also implementing the eKYC Sim Card activation across India. As of now, the Airtel eKYC is available only in Delhi-NCR. Vodafone is also planning to launch the Vodafone eKYC across 10,000 plus stores in India.

All the Ril JIO Users can enjoy unlimited data, voice calls, and Free Acess to Jio Premium Apps like JioMoney, JioBeats, JioPlay and more UnderJio Preview offer till 31st December 2017. Reliance had already announced the Jio Tariff plans starting from Rs. 149. Users who buy Data Packs can enjoy free Voice calls.

Jio eKYC – Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to generate the Jio offer code?

On your Android Smartphone, launch Google Play App and search for MyJio App. Install the App and you might get a popup to get the Jio Sim or Generate the Offer code.

You can install all the Jio Apps in a single click, on some Android mobiles, you will have to approve each app request. After all the apps are installed, you will get the welcome offer screen. Once, you get the Jio welcome screen; you have to enter the Sate, City, first name, last name, current mobile number. After entering all the details, click on generate OTP.

Enter the One time password sent to your mobile number and Generate the Barcode.

2. Generate Code Option does not show?

On few Android Smartphones, Generate code option might not show up, Just uninstall all the Jio Apps and try to reinstall them. In case, the welcome screen does not show up even after reinstalling the Jio App; you can try to generate the offer code on some other smartphone.

3. How much time will it take to complete the Jio eKYC process?

It will take not more than 5 minutes to Auto verify your details using eKYC. Users just have to carry their Aadhar card and the generated offer code.

No need fill any forums, submit any documents or passport photos. The Jio Staff will verify your fingerprints with the Aadhar database, and all your details will be submitted digitally.

4. My Jio Sim Card is not activated?

Generally, the Jio SIM card issued via eKYC process will be activated within a few minutes or hours. In case your sim card is not activated or showing no signal, Just reinsert it and make sure you set the Preferred network to 4G in your network settings.


Some of you might be using the Jio SIM Card as the secondary one. In some Dual sim smartphones, only the primary sim card slot is 4G, so, make sure you insert the Jio Sim card in 4G slot and Set the Preferred network type to 4G.

Go to Settings >> Network Settings and Change Preferred network type to 4G.

If you have encountered the No Signal in Jio Sim Problem, make sure you follow the above steps and let us know if the solution worked.

Reliance Jio – Key Features

  • Free Voice Calls
  • No Roaming Charges
  • Rs. 50 Per GB (lowest in the world)
  • Free Data services, Accesses to premium Jio Apps till 31st December.
  • Students get 25% more data.
  • JioFi Device price drop, now available for Rs 1,999
  • Here is the Reliance Jio 4G Plan Tariff package

All the plans are valid for 28 Days. Night Unlimited time (2AM – 5AM)

  • ₹149 – 0.3GB Data – 100SMS
  • ₹499 – 4GB Data – Unlimited 4G at night / 8GB Hotspot
  • ₹999 – 10GB Data – Unlimited 4G at night / 20GB Hotspot
  • ₹1499 – 20GB Data – Unlimited 4G at night / 30GB Hotspot
  • ₹2499 – 35GB Data – Unlimited 4G at night / 70GB Hotspot
  • ₹3999 – 60GB Data – Unlimited 4G at night / 120GB Hotspot
  • ₹4999 – 75GB Data – Unlimited 4G at night / 150GB Hotspot

Other Plans

₹19 Plan – 100MB Data, Unlimted 4G Night Data, Unlimited SMS, 200MB Hotspot – Valid for one Day

₹199 Plan- 750MB Data, Unlimted 4G Night Data, Unlimited SMS, 1.5GB Hotspot – Valid for seven days

₹299 Plan – 2GB Data, Unlimted 4G Night Data, Unlimited SMS, 4GB Hotspot – Valid for 21 Days.

If you have any queries regarding Reliance Jio eKYC, post them in the comments section below, and I’ll answer them.


  1. my hands finegr are not there in ekyc beacause of winter my hands are dry please help me out wha to do

  2. hi sir,

    I registered on my adhard kyc no on app but it is other state adhar . i want to sumbit local adhar proof of my friend on digital office. Can i get jio sim..

  3. i have aadhar card state of Rajasthan but i am living in punjab so i want to take Jio Sim In Punjab
    is it possible

  4. i apply the sim via ekyc and submitted the adhaar number. the moment i fully fill the form with in 5 minutes i recived the order number from jio Team on 22 october 2016

    but i did not recive the second message ( verification message) its been 24 hours( i.e 1 day) since i recived the order no.

    do i have to wait?

  5. I got a jio sim in Delhi can activate in bihar with ekyc prosess , my address is in bihar, tel me please

  6. I got welcome offer code.
    But in store, they told that code is already redeemed.
    How can I get a sim by that code.
    Already they check my andhar details by finger print.
    How can I check is there any sim activated by my andhar.

  7. Hi, Joi authorities are not giving sim to adhar card of other region. are we living in one nation of in some other country

        • i am in west bangal , i go to their main store where the person told me other state adhar card not going to validate , he also did the try but fail , dont know why reliance not follow to validate other state Adhara card , Line me khade rahoo and end up like this shit …. Thumbs down for their KYC system , its works on same state only ..

          now i give up i don;t need their service…

  8. Respectful Sir,

    I have booked Jio last week and got the Sim the next day, that i received welcome messages. But till now, I did not receive any Verification Message which is needed for the Sim to be activated.

    Could my problem be cured solved?

  9. Dear Sir ,
    I asked to reliance team Why they are not accept other state aadher card ? another question Trai what is deffernt between reliance jio and other telecom company ? How they given Sim depend on Other state Aadher card ?

  10. Sir… I have given details of mine in myjio app but now I’m want to buy sim on my uncle’s aadhar…so is it acceptable???

  11. I have aadhar card with Kerala address.. And I am staying in chennai..I had done e registration..but now they refuse the sim stating only Tamil nadu aadhar card is it correct ?

  12. I have created code & entered the aadhar no in the jio app. then what to do? has the barcode linked with my barcode? what will my next step

    • If you want to get Jio Sim, Just generate the barcode and visit Reliance Digital store along with your Aadhar card. You don’t have to enter Aadhar Number in the Jio App.

      • is it necessary to carry aadhar card into reliance store ?

        Will I get sim card only by submitting my aadhar number because my aadhar card is not yet received by me through post

        plz suggest ASAP

  13. Hi,
    With due [email protected] Jio,great scheme launched by you,but reliance store @ karnataka they are making fool of me for last one month…that for other state we are not providing Jio sim come after some daysas i have other state adhar card..if this is true than how we will get Jio sim. ..i think we are staying in one country…please respond..

  14. I got new MI note 3 32gb i got the baar using OTP and I even registered it with my aadhar card.
    Than i updated my phone and now i can’t get the baar code… Can you please tell me what to do

  15. Hi I have taken a jio sim at reliance digital store ghaziabad on 6th Oct on sultanpur dist voter id card I have received a SMS ur application for new connection getting jio signal but not received next SMS for television verification showing emergency calls only not registered on network please help

  16. i got a JIO card in surat from my Rajasthan Aadhar card..but still its not activated.

    They said that it will take max 48 hrs to process, but its already 4 days..

    What to do? please help me

  17. I am from Odisha. But currently staying in Bangalore, Karnataka. Can I issue Jio sim with my Adhar card since it belongs to Odisha.

  18. hey please tell me i am currently studying in punjab but my adhaar card is of uttarakhand so where i could get jio sim in punjab because i went to digital xpress mini store so they did not gave it. please tell me.

  19. Hi
    Sir i have registered my adhar card number and got my code but i am below 18 ..
    So can i get my adhaar card from that code only if i show my parents adhaar card to them ? Please reply asap …

  20. Making a great publicity on offer and all.but idont know why this bull shit !!!!!.other state aadhar is not accepting.even common people also know aadhar is unique in india…not expected this shit…..! Please lets inform the people clearly….. that the offer is applicable only for local people in each state.then poeple dont waste thair time pettroll & mony….all. dont hide the holes…..

  21. my adhar card is of Bihar and i am in chattisgarh now.
    i generated the barcode and it has been verfified. but the representative told me that you will have sim in bihar.
    is is necessary condition that adhar sholud be of same state?

  22. I have registered my jio sim wid my name nd I’m of 15….when I went for pick up they told me that the minimum age is 18 so what should I do ??

  23. Sir, Is there any rule of Reliance to issue a SIM on Aadhar card of that particular distt only. Concerned person of Reliance digital store Amroha distt of UP not excepting Aadhar card of other distt of UP. To whom I can lodge a complain for it???

  24. why in Karnataka for activation of JIO sim card takes less time for Karnataka Adhara card holder and more time for other state Adhara card holder. As you mentioned that they are providing now sim via “eKYC” then the details for Adar card will be same for Karnataka People and Other state people. I taken sim card 10 days Ago but they have not use eKYC because I belong to other state and they told that my sim will be activate in Normal process but for Karnataka state People they are activating sim within a min. Please guide me. As per my knowledge Adhar details is same for across India.

    • Same happened with me… there is no number mentioned on the sim card. So calling to customer care is a waste of time as they ask for the phone number or the customer id.

  25. Weather i get jio sim on samsung j 7 prime mobile i had download appp n i also got barr code i went to store they siad that that code is alredy use by some one how it is posssible?????? Wht should i do???????

  26. i have single doubt that if i have entered some ones name while getting the coupon but giving other family members aadhar card will they accept plz reply

  27. Sir me retailer hu nd distributer ne meri e kyc me aadhar I’d kisi aur retailer ki lga di mean hamri I’d exchange ho gyi h so
    Ky kiya ja skta h plz give ansr
    I hope that u should early proceed it

  28. Hello,
    I will turn 18 on 21st November 2016.
    1. I have an aadharcard. Can I get a jio sim on my name?
    2. Can I use eKYC and Mnp simultaneously?

  29. Hello Chaitanya,

    I want to port my Vodafone number to relinane jio sim card is there any charges or i have to pay any amount to mini store can you please let me know.

    I have already send to 1900 for port and i got the UPC code.please tell what is the process ?

    Thanks in advance
    Mehboob Khan

  30. Is there any charges for relinace Jio sim card. mini store they need 250 charges if you want buy a reliance jio sim card please let me clear its free of cost?

    one day i visit mini store buy a jio sim card but they charge Rs 250 amount its right charge

  31. Hi,

    I reside in chennai but am a native of Kerala and I have adhaar card with kerala address.
    Will they accept my aadhaar Card from other state for address proof & identity?
    Apart from Adhaar, I only hold,
    1.Indian Gas Bill
    2.Airtel Post Paid connection bill

    Will they accept any of this ?

  32. If I belong to andhra and I travel to tamilnadu or karnataka all offers are valid there also.
    Should we make any roaming or special recharges to avail all welcome offers

  33. When Agent trying to connect my addhar card,i’m getting Pin code not updated error ,while i checked online on govt website and no issue.

    Agent asked me he can’t use this addhar card so any idea how to solve this?

  34. Thanx a lot for the direct link.. N i m in u.p right now but my aadhar card is of delhi.. Will it help me to get jio sim in u.p?

    • Normally eKYC is valid anywhere in India. But, due to limited sim card stock, they are giving sim cards for local people only.

  35. Hi.. I have generated bar code by entering my name through my jio app.. But i don’t have my aadhar card right here with me.. Can i use my relative’s aadhar card in this case to get jio sim?

  36. Hi Sir,
    I bought Jio sim on 30th September. I received msg like we have received your application for new connection. your order number is…….. . but, I have not received second message yet. in mobile I’ve selected preferred network type as 4G even though I can see the network and also it’s showing 4G, but while browsing It’s showing ‘You have exhausted your account balance/Credit limit’. currently I’m not able to use internet. Can anyone of you please let me know what is the cause for this issue?

  37. All your stores are denying to give SIM cards or giving some special people here (moradabad)
    I have tried a lot of time but the mobile seller are providing SIM card @ the purchase of any handset or with an amount rupees 500 and above
    Is there any action you can get me help to get a SIM or suggest me to opt in an other network,

  38. I got jio sim by using e kyc my sim is not activated ..when i called to care he tolds me that ur no is televerified wait for msg to activate it takes ony 15 min to pls tell me what can i do

  39. In Bangalore, the jokers of reliance stores are denying to the other state people saying that jio will only be given to the Karnataka state adhaar card holders only. I want to know whether this is the jio rule or the local rule made by this jokers. Adhaar is valid all over India. Then why this type of discrimination?

    • You are Right! eKYC process is valid anywhere in India. But, these retailers don’t know a thing about that. Also, Due to less stock they are giving sim cards for local people only.

    • Yes Chaitanya, I have felt the same scenario in bangalore, these jokers are denying to provide sim card to to other states Aadhar card though it is valid though all India

      • Karnataka is the most selfish state I ever seen. Other states bikes run on every state no tax required for diff state, here in karnataka u have to pay road tax and registration for riding diff state bike ..police here r shameless like they ask for 50 rupees . Cavery water is karnataka`s father`s property, they will not give tamil nadu…Jio Sim will be given only to local people, and they will eat income taxes from other state people working here. After few days they might ask people from diff states about visa.Karnataka murdabad…India govt should take action against karnataka..

  40. I brought jio sim from ekyc.My settings are for 4G.Network is showing.But when i make a call it says i have no balance please recharge.On browsing it says balance is exhausted.
    Please help me Sir.

  41. I have brought my sim by e-kyc.My preferred setting is for 4g type.Network bars are showing.But when using internet it says balance is exhausted.On making phone call it is saying please recharge using or jio app.

    Please help me Sir.

  42. madam , my prob is before came the bar code is came then i am not enterd the adhar details who can put the thumb

  43. Sir m Gio sim lene gaya to shopkeeper me meri detail’s login kti thumb impression liya .mujhe mera Gio mobile no. Diya n uske baad uska phone switch off ho gaya .usne mujhe sim de diya . usne dubara login Liya process suru se to msg aaya ki the code has been registered already. Now kya mera sim activate hoga ya nahim ab main kya karu

  44. I have generated coupon code on my 4G handset, I have not shared my coupon code with anyone and not used coupon. When I tried to take JIO sim after entering coupon, it was saying that coupon code already redeemed. I don’t have another mobile.
    Now what should I do to get Jio sim.

  45. sir i took the sim on 10th september. still i have not any sms from jio. i had generated the bar code in my fathers name and gave my adhaar card. Will that be a problem ?

      • I want to apply for Reliance Jio sim.

        I stay in Mumbai, i have Karnataka state Aadhar card.

        Is it accepted ???

        If no what are the other way of applying for new jio sim

      • Bahat reply Kiya hay. Nichewala ka kaya
        Sep 29, 2016 at 8:14 am
        I have generated coupon code on my 4G handset, I have not shared my coupon code with anyone and not used coupon. When I tried to take JIO sim after entering coupon, it was saying that coupon code already redeemed. I don’t have another mobile.
        Now what should I do to get Jio sim.

        Iska ans kar o

  46. Hi all

    Can I apply for e-kyc can show my adhar card
    Which registered in other state. My adhar card is registered in odhisa but currently I’m working in Hyderabad. Please help in this situation


  48. Can I take more than one jio sim on the same ahdhar card by the eKYC process?I already got one sim with my ahdhar by eKYC process.Can I take one more ?

  49. I bought a Jio sim on Sept 6 in Trichy, Tamilnadu. I later moved to coimbatore. I received a call on my alternate number from the Reliance store, trichy where I bought my sim to come in person for fingerprint verification and sim activation.

    Since I have to travel far to get this done, can I have my fingerprint verification done in Coimbatore itself showing my bar code and sim? Or should I travel to the same store where I bought the sim to get it activated?

    Quick response is appreciated. Thanks & Regards.

  50. sir i took the sim on 10th september. still i have not any sms from jio. i had generated the bar code in my name and gave my fathers adhaar card. Will that be a problem ?

  51. I got my jio sim before 2 days through eKYC but still it’s showing no service/emergency calls only. My device is mi HM note prime.
    I tried almost everything given above. Please help me further…

  52. I have contacted one of the local stores in Chennai with my coupon code and my aadhar card to purchase the sim.
    However I was shocked to hear that the SIM is not in stock…..I have been trying to reach them over the phone for past two days but call is not picked at all. Can you please help me to get a SIM….

  53. the digital store there sir told me u r aadhar card not acceptable because u r aadhar is e aadhar card. ple send me sir what is e aadhar and how to get jio sim card….ple sir

  54. I am trying to get jio sum from reliance digital in pune. My ekyc process is not happening, getting error 998. Even though my aadhar card is available. Even reliance digital people couldn’t understand. Please guide me.

  55. sir my name is simranjit my age is 16+ can I buy jio SIM card by using my Aadhar number base I got bar code from my jio app


  57. Comment: Sir, i m from Bhagalpur, Bihar. I took SIM on 9/9/16. But today is 22/9/16 and still it hasn’t been activated. Since the day of having sim i didn’t even got any message on my registered number. So obviously there is no any signal yet. My SIM card pack is of blue color..does that make any difference? And there is also not the mobile number being written on the SIM card packet. So i dont even know what is my jio sim mobile number. What should i do sir?? How can i get my SIM activated?? Plz help

    • While filling up the CAF they would have given you the receipt. They have have tore that strip to you. U can go to the store and asked to track that CAF no. They will ask you to have a finger print scan in which name the adhar card is given after that it will be activated

  58. If I buy a Jio 4G device online (as it’s in very short supply) and get a Jio SIM from Reliance Digital, can I get the sim activated and used in the wi-fi device?
    Also, what will be the process to get the SIM activated in this case?

  59. More problems are found than the solutions .. High time Rel Jio officially clarify status by public announcements on day to day basis .. !

  60. my name is dipak and i am used 4G hand set and iwas applied a jio sim from tamanna enterprise in west bengal murshidabad district at aurangabad,dealer was take a 200 money to me and told you if you are submit a document your sim will be started with in three days but last 20 days sim are not activated therefore i want the back all my document.
    i write my own problem e kyc team please look into the matter.

  61. Hlo sir plzzz help me…..I am from himachal Pradesh…but now in chandigarh …..I want to take Jio sim on my adhar card which is of HP….but while generating code I choose my state as Punjab I get my barcode……actually my state is HP and got barcode with state Punjab….can I take sim on that code with my adhar card of hp

  62. After e kyc. Immediately got first msg confirming the request and giving order number.
    Already 76 hrs had gone but yet there is no 2nd message.

    • It should be activated already. Put the sim card in, Tower will come up. IF you want to double confirm, take your friends jio phone, call 1977 and enter your number. You should get reply that you number is already tele-verified.

  63. Sir my jio sim is not activated .I have given voterid card and bar code then I have get jio sim but it still not activated till 11 days,when it will activate please reply me sir.

  64. Aadhar is not yet available in Northeast so eKYC is not workable. It doesn’t make any difference anyway since there are no SIMs available in Guwahati/Jorhat and also no application forms in Jorhat. Very poorly handled rollout indicative of very poor capability and competence. One has to wonder about the service going forward. Maybe better to wait for other providers to match Reliance.

  65. After e kyc. Immediately got first msg confirming the request and giving order number.
    Spend 1 day for second msg. But no use.
    Inserted the sim in phone. Immediately got second msg and service activated.
    Thanks jio….

  66. sir,I have brought jio SIM without mobile number.after 8 days,I have received a order message telling’we have recieved your application.thank you for joining jio’. then after no sms recieved.what is the problem?.when I will receive mobile number and verification message?

  67. Dear, Chaitanya sir, now I live in New Delhi. I have an aadhaar card but aadhaar address is West Bengal’s address. If aadhaar card is unique than why cannot I get jio sim in Delhi ? I want valuable reply with reason.

  68. Sir I had a bought a flame 8 with jio sim .it has been 4 days my is not activated.nor I had received any message on my alternate no. I had lodged a complaint but there is no response. What I should do know sir ?? I had given adhar card.

  69. I have taken SIM before 1 moth still it is not activated …. please help

    I have mailed 3 times but till not activated

  70. I have 2 massage form jio team 5 days ago and insert jio s my hand set and wait for 5 days telliverification no network show how can telliverification and show network plzzz help me any guys

  71. Sir mene 9 din hogaya sim leke….avi tak na koi sms aya na koi activation…. store me pucho to koi kuch nai batate…i am really dissapointed….

  72. Today I visited for jio sim with coupon code and aadhar in Visakhapatnam but they ask for local aadhar address but I having a aadhar of Chennai address and my voter ID address is my native Bihar then what should I do

  73. dear friend i from tamilnadu
    i give for my tamilnadu aadhar id include my mother karnataka voter id also
    but ,
    shroowroom excutve told for
    only for karnataka aadhar card valid for here
    if jio
    come to ur friend or reletive with our aadhar id

    so ,
    what i do bro plssssss

  74. a message from jio team that i recieved… Dear Customer,
    Thank you for choosing Jio. We have received your application for new connection.
    but no signal bar appears. what should i do????

  75. i did ekyc on 10/09/2016 from reliance Digital Kolkata ,4 days passed but no activation ,any one from kolkata facing the same issue???when generally ekyc sims are getting activated in kolkata ????any one give any solutions.

  76. i have a adhar card …but the jio store said to me this is use less …..what i should do i dont have another id …i want a jio sim
    plz help

  77. Sir,i bought a jio sim and had gone through e kyc activation process.i received an message saying that “we have received your request….”.and now when i inserted my sim in phone,its showing me signal bars,but i didn’t received second message for tele verification yet.
    What should i do now,as u said in previous comments that ekyc does not need tele verification, but im not able to make any calls using my sim even after signal bars are appearing.
    Please reply sir…im waiting for ur reply…….

  78. sir
    i have a vodafone sim of west Bengal circle can i port my vodafone no to reliance jio in Chennai circle .
    how can i continue my vodafone number in Chennai with jio service please help me

  79. sir,
    i lived in Delhi but address in my adhar card is from HP can i get jio sim in delhi
    and shop had said that they prefer only delhi adhar card


  80. Sir, I’ve inserted the sim in my phone and the l preferred network type is 4g/LTE ..but there is no network or msg! I lodged a complaint today and the’ve said that the sim will get activated in next 48 hours. Please help me if you can. Please sir.

  81. i got jio sim yesterday e kyc process was done, now i have insert the sim card in my j5 mobile still no network is showing .

  82. Sir lots of people are not having their aadhar card due to govrn. Less concern to dispach them.
    I have e aadhar that also have all the nessery information like QR code and the aadhar no.
    So why the dealers are saying that you have to bring original id
    And he aadhar is for all indian citizens.
    So why they want the local id.
    I live in haryana for last 3 years for study.
    How they can say that i have to a local to have a jio sim card


  84. Comment:I heard that if I take jio sim and insert in my pH,after inserting ,I cant use any other sim except jio,that’s why the code is necessary for activation,,, is this true?

  85. I bought the sim using the e-kyc . I bought it on 10th of September. But I haven’t received any message regarding the tele-verification yet! It’s been 4 days and the post says that “people who’ve bought the sim using the e-kyc, their sim will get activated in 1-2hrs. But in my case it is different! Please help.

  86. Sir,
    I bought jio sim on 1st sep 2016 . I received one msg telling “Dear customer we have received your application fornew connection”. But did not received any message for activation. When would my jio sim activated ??
    And one more thing i ewnt to shop from where i buy the jio sim . He said that my form will get rejected because my aadhar card dpes not have my local address , and i am 22 years old .
    Sir helped me out please

    • today after 1 month i went and ask for the delay,they said that the document must have been misplaced,and i was asked for this ekyc method.then i brought my adhar card and the man appliced for it.he tryed 2 to 3 times but some error was occuring.but the adarcard was succesfully verifed.
      now he was asking me to fill the form again.

  87. jio sim not activated..I did ekyc Adhaar
    card verification successfully..I got msg from jio team that we have received application for new connection like that..when my sim get activated

  88. I got Jio Sim and done eKYC process successfully yesterday. Instantly i got message with Order no but haven’t received Tele verification message. Any idea how many days it will take?

  89. Hey I got a sim today around 4pm via ekyc from digital express store in Kolkata. They told me it will get activated instantly but till now it’s not activated,though I have received the first message on alternate number.

  90. I bought a jiofi and take a jio Sim on 7th September but till now it’s not activated and I got only one Msg for order accepted but not got Tele verification Msg. I tried many times to costumer care but No one response

  91. On 11-sep-2016 morning at 10:30pm i went to buy a reliance jio Sim at reliance digital xpress mini located in puttenalli Bangalore 560062.
    There one guy was giving Sim by checking our bar code and aadhar card number and even he was recording all these information in his smartphone after placing our tumbh impression he was giving the Sim.
    After that we use to stand in second queue for activation there one young boy was doing this activation process. While standing in the queue i got the message telling “Dear Customer, 
    Thank you for choosing Jio. We have received your application for new connection. Your order number is NO000007J9NZ.
    Thank you, 
    Team Jio”
    He took my aadhar number, finger print and Sim. while scanning my sim the device which he was holding was not recognizing the bar code which was printed in back side of the Sim cover. After trying couple of times he throwed that Sim and took a new one and that was recognized by the device then he again told me to give finger print after that he asked the bar code generated by the devices, and  started scanning that but all of sudden it said “Sim redeemed”. Then he throwed that Sim too and told that you have already purchased one Sim and rejected my application.
    But what I’m telling is, my devices generated code is already attached to the first Sim that he gave to me() but he is unable to understand what i was telling. When i told it to the shop head he simply said that we don’t have any idea better you call to customer care but all the time it is not reachable and again he added that many people face this issue so tell them to refresh your bar code number. 
    I told them several times to re-check with the number that they first Gave but no response from any one, they were unable to understand the issue.
    I tried to call customer care but always busy. Now i have generated new code from my sister’s mobile.
    My question is can i buy another Sim with that same aadhar number?

    • I have visit your digital express shop at HISAR (Haryana) today on 18th. Sept 2016. The employee of shop scale my finger print after enter my adhar card number, he said that the adhar card is out of State. Sir, I am belong from HIMACHAL Pradesh and service in District. Red Cross Society HISAR (Haryana) since 1988. I want take Reliance jio 4G sim. SIR, why the other adhar card is not valid?

    • Dear Surya s
      I think they have cheated you, that thrown sim is already activated and they are using it. That’s y they have recorded your adhaar no through mobile for future varification of sim. Also as the sim is varified by u through biometric system so if any wrong thing done through that no. then u will only be responsible. Hope u can understand what i want to say.

  92. I got my sim providing my finger print was taken
    I received d first msg.have i to wait fr d second msg to insert d sim.

  93. Sir, when i went to buy the Sim my code said redeemed but before that only they receive my aadhar number.
    Can i buy 2sims with different bar code but the same aadhar number.

  94. E-kYC procedure is not applicable for the aadhaar card holders of other state Reliance Jio app throws “Circle Mismatch” even store people not responding properly.

    Basically a person of andhra state aadhaar card holder can not get sim in karnataka or other state even though you are living in karnataka for past 6 years

  95. I got a jio sim Thanks to reliance
    But sum peaple are said that if you are not use jio after 1st jan. 2017 then you did’t use any sim in your 4g smart phone please clear about this for everyone.

  96. I am tacking jio sim on my father’s aadharcard because i am not 18 years old the whom fi gerprint will improved by mini srore?

  97. Thanks for the video. It will help many people to clear their doubts about ekyc process.
    My sim is also taken in ekyc process in Kolkata…as you have got the activation msg instantly on ur video.but in Kolkaya.. NO ACTIVATION MESSAGE YET…! & It’s been 3 days after taking the sim in Ekyc process..!
    The sim showing no signal bars..!
    Have any solution for this…in Kolkata?

    • hello sashi ,i also did ekyc on 10/09/2016 but after 3 days it is still not activated ,i think it is only happening in kolkata ,
      JIO need to get solution for this.

  98. Sir,
    I bought JioFi Modem & sim from Relaince digital ( from Ambience mall) Gurgaon (Haryana). When i ask for activation of sim, they have replied that they are only accepting the Delhi NCR Aadhar card and since your Aadhar card address is in Rohtak (Haryana) so we are unable to activate the sim. Is it so, if a person living in delhi has to go to chennai for getting the sim activated. Kindly suggest.

    • No, you have to fill a form.
      I live in bangalore, when i went to buy the Sim i saw that many had other state aadhar card’s. So there, they were giving them an extra form to be filled.

  99. Sir mane 23 oct ko jio sim liya tha aur abhi tak activate nahi huya muja yeh sms mila hai “dear customer, thank you for choosing jio we have received your application for new connection. Your order number is no000004YL6S

  100. Sir Maine ekyc k through only order and hi Aya hai welcome offer message 1 din ho gaya hai but Abhi take Nahi Aya hai what should I do sir

  101. sir Maine 09 -09-16 ko Jio sim Liya ekyc ke through but abhi tak koi message nahi Aya Na hi sim activate Hui kya kare pls help me.

  102. sir maine ek jio sim liya hai wo activate ho gaya hai ekyc ke thrugh but mujhe ek aur sim lena hai to kya same ekyc chalega uske liye coupen code dusra generate kiya hun but same ekyc chalega ya reject hoga.

  103. If the address on the aadhaar card doesn’t match the current address where I am residing, do I need to submit address proof and other document.. aadhaar card won’t do?

  104. Is it necessary that name registered on barcode and the adhar card name should be same .. So it should not be rejected???

  105. I have generated the coupon. I went to reliance digital store, Bhubaneshwar with e-aadhar & photo. But they said, ” you have to get token before 10:00 am, by putting in line from 7:00 am. I am disappointed from this type of reply. I go to the store by traveling arround 125 km from my native. I don’t understand, why token is required before 10:00 am. RIL claims that SIM will be issued in 15 mins. Then why this type of behavior done by your representative. Kindly take necessary steps for streamline your service & provide the SIM.

  106. Sir i am from modinagar which is near to ghaziabad. I made a new jio sim application which due to some documentation issues has been rejected. Now can i go to any reliance showroom in delhi & get my documents approved by ekyc & get my sim activated??? Please respond ASAP. Thanks in advance.

  107. sir i am from rajasthan jaipur and i want to port in jio but every store manager saying that port facility not been started. Pl confirm me or advise.

  108. Sir em not frm delhi bt presently living in delhi..went to joi store bt they r not accepting my adhar card by saying that i need adhar card of delhi..plz help me out.wat r other options for me???

  109. I m a student in delhi university and my hometown is kashipur, uttarakhand..i bought the jio sim from adharsh nagar 10 days ho gye it doesnt work..aj main gya tha store pe to unhone kha ki aapki application reject ho gyi can i bought the new sim on the same coupon???

  110. Sir I am recently buy a Samsung Z2 mobile with jio sim online through pyatm but I don’t know how to activate this sim please explains the prosess

  111. @ Chaitanya

    Why aadhar card form other circle or state is not accepted at Reliance digital store. Stores are asking for local address aadhar only.

  112. Sir mera sim card 7 days me bhi activate nahi hua aur sim card ke number bhi pata nahi h.
    Main kya karoon ki mera sim active ho jaye

  113. Or else tell the process how to activate ekyc from home.. Becoz in our city ministores are not responding at all. My city postal pin code is 443201.,chikhli maharashtra

  114. I generate the coupon code and went reliance digital.they use my code and scan the adhaar card I give my finger print first 3 level finished at last click end status its show some error like local state like that

  115. In my area some are giving jio Sim card for Rs 150 and some 200 so company is saying that you will get Sim in 15 Rs … So what I do

  116. hi sir

    mine kal raat ko jio sim liya tha .or mine un ko Aadhar card diya tha unhone mare sab documents upload kar diye ..unhone bola ke 1 hourse me sim active ho jayega or aap k pass other no par massege aa jayega … but sir m ko koi be massege nai aaya or na koi informustion .and no sim active .pls help me

  117. sir can you tell me any paticular location of a store where this ekyc service is conducted…in delhi ncr…i live at canaught place delhi.

  118. I bought a sim 2 days ago.but its still not working.i bought it using my aadhar card and im not yet it the reason for the register failure?

      • Are you sure madam? I ask again because of my nervousness as im a minor. I will approach the same digital showroom tommorrow.hope they have a solution.thanks for your service ?

  119. Sir pls help me …its been 9 days and jio sim still not been activated can i go to digital store and do ekyc process for faster activation ?

  120. Sir I had bought new jio sim last week . I have got tele-verification message but there is no signal in jio sim. Plzzz sir immediately activate my jio sim.

  121. i have a problem i live in aligarh up in this area the jio sim are not in stocks
    what can i do for jio sim

  122. Sir,
    My sim is not active yet. I have get the sim 27 august. Then I received 1 msg 30 august. That is.. Dear Customer,
    Thank you for choosing Jio. We have received your application for new connection. Your order number is NO0000056EP1.
    Thank you,
    Team Jio.
    But now my sim is not active. What will I do?

  123. Sir mene 24 tarikh ko jio sim lia tha or aj 6 Sep ho gaya but no varification massage received from you and dosent start it so you help me please I am waiting to use jio 4g I lot of exited but this exited Brock out because not start it.

  124. I have an aadhaar card . There are only 3 symbols in my aadhaar card, one is the symbol of telephone for help and second is the symbol of message [email protected] is written below the symbol and third is www symbol. In my aadhaar the fourth symbol i.e., post office symbol is missing. Can i still buy a jio sim, becuase i have visited digital xpress mini store and the officers said that the four symbols are compulsory. tell me is it necessary?

  125. I bought jio WiFi and also jio Sim on 27 August. But still now I didn’t received message for Tele verification. But I received message regarding order number. Still how many days I want to wait

  126. I had taken Jio Sim Card on 19th August, 2016 at Reliance Digital, S.>D Road, Secunderabad, I got a message that insert Jio Sim and dial 1977 to activate, But when I dial1977, simply call end and by Jio sim not activated yet. Kindly any one suggest me how to active my sim. If I go to Reliance Digital they told me to wait few more days

  127. I got jio sim card but they have not taken the imei number of sim card so hw they will able to knw to activate this sim card only? They have only done my signature and gave me jio sim but they dnt have the imei number of my jio sim….they have taken just my alternate number.

  128. Sir maine jio sim lyf phone ke sath li thi use 2 din ho gye h activate nhi ho rahi h plz tell me activation details mujhe ye sms aa chuka h

    Dear Customer,
    Thank you for choosing Jio. We have received your application for new connection. Your order number is NO000006EKO1.
    Thank you,
    Team Jio

  129. i got the sim 25/08/2016 get the msg from jio team we received ur appliction for new connection on 31/08/2016 but still m getting any tele verification msg what should i do help…boss

  130. I have purchase jio sim on 03 sep 16.
    How much time it will take to activate and how could i come ro know that my sim is activated.

  131. SIR i got this message from JIO :”Dear Customer, We regret to inform you that we are unable to process your Order Number NO000004WS7E for Jio Number 7013066484 due to incomplete documents. Please visit the same Jio store/retailer you had visited earlier with your POI/POA documents, a photograph and Jio Offer code used previously for a new Jio connection. Thank you, Team Jio.”
    what should i do now ??

  132. still waiting for 10 days but sim hasn’t activated not even received a massege yet now what i have to do to fill ekyc form and get instant verification? plz help me…

  133. How ll we receive jio Sim ? I have 4G mobile but my brother already registered jio Sim from my mobile..!! So plz sir how ll we get Sim???

  134. Hi Chaitanya,

    I have done eKYC today, and I received msg from Jio.
    It means it’s in process ,
    But I want to know, if I done eKYC then I still have to go by others verification processes like tele verifications.

  135. Sim card is not giving by digital Xpress, but he he give his relative person and his friend…he is always answer me sim card is short…please give out side rtailer

  136. Mere pass wind5 ke saath li gai active 4g sim hai but mere goobei 4g par nahi chalti signal to hai par kaam nahi kar rahi kya gionee m4 par chal sakti hai…

  137. Hello sir,
    I had submitted my documents with my adhar…..but i didnt get jio sim at that time…..there was a shortage of sim that time……4days are over but they are saying u will get in next 2 days everytime i speak to them…….if i dont get sim……
    Can i register with same barcode and same document???Will they cancel my request….
    Plzzz help sir…..

  138. Sir can I get the sim if , I am having coolpad note 3. Where to check yhe list of digital and mini stores in pune

  139. How to sign up i am trying with my number and email but it doesn’t work . Nothing happens… should i buy sim first ??????

  140. SIM not activated since from last 7 days, not even received message on other number ? will it get activated or not ?

    if not what can i do & if i want to know the current status where should i get ?

  141. I hv a Lenovo k4 note …how can i get jio sim card … code is not generated in it….can i get it directly without showing bar code …plz help

  142. I have already jio sim card and my offer ending 21 september 2016 so I want after using this offer .


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