Amazon India outdid the Local rival Flipkart and became the most visited e-commerce site in India. The prime reason behind the success of Amazon is their customer service. In this post, I am going to share a few tips for saving more bucks when you shop at

Update: Amazon has recently introduced Amazon Prime Service in India, and the users can avail a variety of benefits by subscribing to the Prime Service. You can enjoy the Amazon Prime free for two months.

Get Cash Back If There is a Price Drop On The Item you have bought

Edit: Refund for the price difference is offered only at I am not sure about In case you experience the following situation, Just give your luck a try!

Most of you might not be aware of this

If you have purchased an Item at Amazon just before it goes on a deal, you will Certainly fell sick for that. Wait!

Amazon offers you the refund for the price difference if there is a price reduction after you have bought something.

All you have to do is, contact the Amazon customer service through email or phone call within 7 Days of the delivery date and they will compensate you the difference.

You can also request for a refund even after seven Days. If you are lucky enough, they will refund you.

Note: Refund will be given to Amazon Fulfilled Items only.

Skip The Delivery Charges For Order Less than Rs 500

Amazon India Offers Thousands of Daily need Items and accessories like memory cards, pen drives, Soaps, Baby Diapers with great discount.

But, the only problem is, you have to Pay Rs 40 if the total order value is less than Rs 499.

You can skip those Rs 40 Delivery charges just by adding any of the Beauty Products Fulfilled by Amazon.

You can add items like, Garnier skin naturals which are worth Rs 20 only.

Garnier Skin Naturals Pure Active Neem Wash, 15ml

You can also skip the Delivery charges by adding a Pre-order item like an unreleased book or video game.

Amazon India does not charge you for the Pre-ordered items till they ship, So it will be your choice whether to purchase the pre-ordered item or cancel the order. Amazon might terminate your account if you do this in a fraudulent manner.

Ask for a Refund or Replacement For a Defective Item Without Having to Ship it back

In case, you have got a damaged item which was shipped by Amazon (Amazon Fulfilled products), you will usually get a replacement order with an enhanced shipping order.

If the broken item were sold by a third party seller, you would get a refund for the full value of the order.

Let me tell you my personal experience which I had dealt with this kind of situation.

I have ordered a Philips QT4005/15 Beard and Stubble Trimmer at and I am out of the town on the next day, and my mobile was not in the coverage area.

I taught that the item would be delivered after a couple of days, but on the next day of the order, I received the ‘Item Delivered Successfully’ message.

I taught that my parents had taken the order and to my surprise, they told me that they hadn’t received any parcel.

I had contacted Amazon customer service about this issue, and they have asked me to wait for a couple of Days.

After 2 Days, I again contacted them and said that I hadn’t received the order.

Straight away, they issued a refund.

On the Next Day, I contacted the Local postman and found that the item was delivered to another person on the next street with the same name.

I told the Post Man about the item, and he contacted the other person and got the package back.

I Finally received my Amazon Order.

Due to a little confusion by Local Postal Service the item was wrongly delivered.


I emailed Amazon about this, and they told me to keep the item along with refund 😉

Take Advantage Of Daily Lightning Deals

Amazon India offers Up to 70% Discount on items like Food, Health, Clothing, Fitness, Accessories, Home care and many other items each Day.

You can also check the Upcoming deals on the same page.

Amazon India Deals

The items listed in the Lightning Deals will be claimed very quickly, and you can also join the waitlist if the deal is 100% claimed.

So, Keep checking the Lightning Deals Page every day to find great discounts.

Amaze Your Friend by Gifting an item in his Amazon Wish List

Amazon allows you to find anyone’s wishlist just by entering their email or Full Name.

Amazon Wish List

In some cases, Amazon will even give you the shipping details of your friend who has put up their wish list.

So, You can easily find the items in your Friend’s Wish List and surprise them with the special gift on the occasion.

Ask For Faster Shipping In Case Your Order is Delayed

If you have not got you order even after three or four days, you can contact Amazon customer service and they will normally upgrade the Shipping for your Order.

In some cases, they might cancel your existing order and create a Replacement order with same-Day shipping.

Trick to Find Secret Amazon Deals

Amazon gives you a search navigation on the left side where you can find discounts up to 50%.

You can find deals up to 90% Off just following a simple trick.

Every Category in Amazon is represented with a node.

Just replace the node in the above link with the category which you want to find the discount.

You can also change the number 70 to 90, to find items which have 90% discounts.

Next time, you shop at, follow some of these tips and save some money.

If you have any other tricks regarding shopping at Amazon India, Please share them in the comments section below.


  1. There was 10% cashback till yesterday if i pay by amazon pay balance. I am planning to buy one plus3t .. i need help with the coupon code if any to fetch some discounts 🙁 ..

    Or any upcoming deals on 26th jan??

  2. You spoke with the customer service of Try doing the same with customer service. They don’t have such option for the Indian market. I worked there in the past and please get this rectified. Also there is no such thing as sold and shipped by Amazon in India, that’s a U.S thing. Amazon sells by its own by the name of Cloudtail in India.


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