was launched back in 2013 and it surpasses it’s competitors Flipkart and Snapdeal within in a couple of years and became the most visited e-commerce site in India. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos strongly believe at the pace of e-commerce industry growth in India and had already invested $2 Billion into Amazon India.

Bezos marks India as a major market and is willing to invest a whopping $5 billion in the near future. The Earth’s most customer-centric company emerged as the Largest Online Store in India and in 2014-15 it managed to cross ₹1,000 Crore in revenue that is 6 times over the past year. Amazon India Bearing a Loss of ₹1723.7 crores which the company spends on Advertising and promotions.

Apart from this Amazon has introduced various services for its sellers and consumers that are exclusive to Indian Market only, here are the list of 7 Services Amazon offer only in India.

Services Amazon Offer Only in India

Marketplace Business Model

In India, e-commerce sites can’t sell any anything directly due to FDI policies for retail, The Market model of and are completely different. In the US, Amazon purchases stuff in bulk and then sells them straight to the end users. Though in India, Amazon just acts a marketplace for sellers since it cannot sell directly.

Pickup and Delivery service for seller

Since Amazon Cannot sell Directly anything, Sellers are very important for them and the company provides a wide range of services for them which are not offered in the US. Here in India, Amazon actually collects all the products from the partnered seller, Packs them in their warehouse and ships them directly to the end user.

Delivery on Motorbikes

Believe it or not, India is the only Place where bikers stuff their rucksacks with Delivery Packages and a list of recipient addresses in their smartphone or in a paper. Amazon has thousands of Motorbike delivery centers across India where bikers race through the heavy traffic Indian Roads to get the packages delivered on time. Recently the company is also testing delivery on Bicycles which we believe is good for the environment and also, cost effective.

Photo Shoot of Products for the sellers

Not every seller is capable of Shooting those High-Quality Product images that are listed on the Amazon website. If required, the company directly visits the seller and actually shoot the product images and upload them to their website. This type of Product Photo Shoot service is exclusive for Indian Sellers only.

Chai Carts

Most of the Offline Sellers and Retailers in India are not aware of Selling their products online and have no idea about Amazon seller central program. To build awareness and support small businesses to join their platform, Amazon has come up with an innovative chai cart idea that was first executed in Panchkula of Haryana. Amazon Staff operates the chai carts that serve chai, water, and Lemon soda to the small business owners and discuss them the process of selling online at Amazon. The customer friendly staff will explain to the sellers how they can enhance their business and reach more customers by selling online.

Cash on Delivery Payment

The Major Difference between and is the way the users make their Payment. Most of the Indian Residents don’t own a credit or debit card (just saying), keeping them in mind Amazon had launched COD option for Payment. According to the reports, more than half of the Amazon India users pay by cash only. Amazon lets users pay the cash or swipe the card after they received their order 🙂

Amazon Pickup

The Amazon Pickup service was originally started in Mumbai and New Delhi and is now available across all the Major Cities in India. The service offers buyers to choose pickup points for delivering packages if they do not have an address. Amazon has tied up with Local Kirana stores and BPCL for using their petrol pumps as major pickup locations.

Kirana Now

Amazon has recently launched an India-only initiative called Kirana Now where the company lets the local Kirana Dealers upload their catalogs online. The Amazon Kirana Now Store lists a wide range of Grocery and Gourmet products. The Delivery of the Orders would be taken care either by Kirana-Wallah themselves, or Amazon India will take care of it.

These are the List of services Amazon offer only in India. If you are aware of any other services post them in the comments section below.


  1. Amazon seems to be trying really hard to mark its authority in India. It was a bit late to enter India and that explains why other ecommerce stores in the country are still in business 😛

    I think it would have been better if Amazon could implement its US model – like buying everything in bulk and then selling over here. Sellers created problems!

    Finix Post

    • Manpreet, you are Right.

      over the last twelve months, has registered 7 times growth in their traffic and became the most visited e-commerce site in 2015. Main reason is their Top-notch Customer service 🙂


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