Now, you can easily Transfer your Mobikwik Wallet Cash to your Bank account, but you have to do this in Mobikwik App only. Mobikwik Charges a Nominal fee of 4% for the transaction. Mobikwik allows to transfer Exactly Rs 500 only. You can’t transfer more or less than Rs 500, and you can do this transaction only two times/month.

You can’t transfer more or less than Rs 500, and you can do this transaction only two times/month. Just follow the below steps to transfer the Money in your Mobikwik Wallet to Bank account.

Transfer Mobikwik Balance To Bank Account

1. First You have to Download the Mobikwik App

2. If you have already installed the app, update it and log in to your mobikwik account.

3. Go to Menu >> Transfer and Click on “Send to bank“.

Mobikwik Balance

4. Enter the Amount (Rs 500 Only) and your Bank accounts Details like Account Number, IFSC Code and Account Name.

Mobikwik Balance to bank

You can Find Your Bank IFSC Code in your Bank Passbook or this website.

5. Click on Send Money and you will receive an OTP to your mobile number.

Yo will receive a message like this

“OTP is sent successfully to your primary number ending in *******270. You should receive SMS within in 60 seconds.”

Typically, the OTP will be automatically verified when you open it in your mobile.

If not, click on cancel and enter the OTP and click on Send Money.

Bingo 🙂 Rs 500 will be credited to your Bank account Instantly.

The Money transfer will be done via Immediate Payment Service (IMPS) which is supported by all the major Indian Banks Like HDFC, ICICI, SBI, AXIS and many other banks.

You can find the List of IMPS Enabled Banks Here.

As soon as the money gets credited to your bank account, you will receive a message like this.

“Your A/c no XXXXXXX1094 is credited by Rs 500.00 on DD-MM-YY by a/c linked to mobile XXXXXXXXXX (IMPS ref no …..)”

That’s it! But, before proceeding to perform the transaction, you should know the limitations of transferring Mobikwik cash to Bank account.

Some Points To Note

1. You can Transfer Mobikwik Balance To Bank Account only two times per month.

2. For a single transaction, you can transfer Rs 500 only via Mobikwik Wallet to your Bank account.

On the Whole, the maximum cash you can transfer from your mobikwik account o Bank account is Rs 1000/month.

3. Mobikwik charges 4% Transfer Fee each time you perform a transaction which means Rs 20 Transfer fee on Rs 500 Transaction.

IF you have any trouble or any further questions, you can contact Mobikwik via Facebook.

Mobikwik customer care

Don’t raise any Ticket via Mobikwik account, use Facebook only. Send a direct message to the mobikwik team.

They will ask you, your email and mobile number. Submit them and get your problem verified faster.


  1. You dont have suficient fund to transfer…its mean what?? Please solve my problem.i cant transfer balnace to bank acount from mobikwik

  2. Comment: please increase the transaction limit from wallet to bank it should be at least 3000 limit per month thank you

  3. Hi I not able to transfer money to my bank account.It shows the ( oops: Sender name is mandatory field) but all i enter correct.Please any one advice me and solve this issue.

  4. sir/madem when iam sending money to my bank account it is not sending the money and saying enter correct ifsc code while it is correct code. is the smart phone is necessary to transfer money ?

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