Amazon laptop offers  Details: Amazon India is now offering up to 35% Discount on Laptops in 2017 from Top Brands like HP, Dell, Lenovo, Acer, Apple, Asus, Microsoft and more. Along with the lower prices, Amazon offers 100% Purchase protection, secure payment, and easy returns.

So, Make use of this Amazon laptop offers and get a decent Laptop for yourself. You can also get extra Cashback on Laptops by making use of Amazon cashback offers. In this post, I am going to list the Offers on Laptops based on Laptop Features, specifications, Laptops by use and type.

Read the Full Post to discover the Right Laptop. The Laptops are categorized into 5 Categories, and they are Everyday use, Entertainment, Travel & Portability, Multi-Tasking, and Gaming.

As said earlier, in this post I will explain about all the specs and features of the Laptops and help you pick the perfect one.

Up to 35% off : Laptops & 2-in-1s

Amazon laptop offers 2017 – How to Redeem?

1. First, Visit any of the offer pages below.

2. Use the Left Menu to sort the Display size of the Laptop, Cpu Manufacturer, Memory Size, Note Book type, Storage Type, Laptop Features, HDD Size, Operating system, Graphic Processor Type, Laptop Brand, Price, and Discount.

The First thing you should ask yourself is for what purpose I am buying the laptop?

  • Everyday use
  • Entertainment
  • Working, Blogging, and Multi-Tasking
  • Travel & Portability
  • Gaming

The second thing you should consider is the operating system of the Laptop. Windows 8 is Good enough if you want to buy a Windows laptop since you can easily upgrade to Windows 10 for free of cost. You can also buy a DOS Based Laptop and save a few bucks on the operating system costs, and You can always install the Windows or Linux operating system later.

Select the screen size of the Laptop according to your wish.

 A Laptop with an SSD (Solid State Drives) Performs 20 Times faster than the Laptop with a Standard Hard Disk Drive. So consider buying a Laptop which comes with an SSD.

In case, you don’t have enough budget to buy a Laptop with which comes with an SSD, buy it separately. A 128 GB Solid State Drive costs anywhere between Rs 4000 to Rs 5000. But, It is worth the price.

A laptop with an SSD Boots very faster and all the programs load much faster than ever.

All the Laptops are equipped with Integrated Graphics, if you want to buy a laptop for Gaming and Multi-Tasking, consider buying a laptop that comes with a Dedicated Graphic Card.

Coming to the Processor Type, Don’t get fooled by the names of the processors. Don’t think that an i7 Laptop performs better than the Laptop with i5 processor. There are several other factors you should consider as the number of cores, Clock Speed (in GHz), Cache Size and Hyper-Threading.

Here is a detailed video by Linus Sebastian in which he explains the difference between the Core i3, Core i5, and Core i7 Processors.

You can always read the Reviews in the Product the Product by the Real Buyers to know about the Battery life performance of the Laptops. I suggest you pick a laptop which has an average rating above 3.5

Amazon laptop offers – Category Wise

Amazon India Dell Laptop Offers is offering up to 30% discount on Dell Laptops, We all know that Dell is one of the most trusted and reputed Computer/Laptop Brands and the Quality, and the Design of the Dell Laptops is the reason people love to buy them.

Dell Inspiron, Vostro, Latitude are some of the Dell Series Laptop models. Dell also made a separate Laptop Series for Gaming called AlienWare. If you are a Serious Gamer, you will love the Dell Alienware Laptops.

If you are a student and buying the Laptop for Education and Entertainment purpose, you can purchase a Dell Laptop with an i3 processor. If you want to Do Multi-Tasking like Editing videos or you want to Learn Android Development using Emulators in Pc, you should consider buying a laptop that comes with an i5 processor and Dedicated Graphic Card. Dell offers you a wide range of options to choose the perfect Laptop.

As I said Earlier if you are a serious Gamer, The Dell Alienware is a Gaming Beast, and you will love it.

Amazon HP laptop offers

Hewlett-Packard popularly called as HP is one of the Top-notch names in the field of computing. Amazon India is offering up to 20% Discount on HP Laptops. I have shortlisted a few Hp Laptops based on the average customer rating and the Discount.

HP Notebook and Pavillion Series Laptop has gained massive popularity and stood among the Top Laptops for Everyday Use and Multi-Tasking.

As I mentioned earlier, if you don’t have enough budget to buy a Ultrabook, just buy a decent HP Laptop and replace the Hard Disk Drive with a Solid State Drive. I am repeating that the money you invest on the SSD is worth it.

Amazon.In Lenovo Laptops Offer

When compared to the other Brands, Amazon doesn’t offer more discounts on the Lenovo Laptops, and The Lenovo Laptop come into the limelight with the release of the Lenovo Yoga and the Thinkpad series laptops. These Laptops got some good reviews from original buyers at the Amazon website. So, if you want to buy a Lenovo Laptop, Read the reviews and pick the right Laptop of your choice.

Asus Laptops

The Asus Series Laptops become quite famous for their Price and performance; you can buy an Asus Laptop that offers Decent Specs and performance at a lower price than it’s competitors. All the Asus Laptops are Equipped with Intel Chipsets and processors. The Graphic Department of the Laptops is powered by the Nvidia GeForce Dedicated Graphics Cards, which can enhance the Multi-Tasking and Gaming Capabilities of the Laptop.

As I mentioned earlier, you can buy a Laptop that comes with a DOS operating system to save a few bucks.

Amazon India Apple Laptops Offer – Discount on Macbooks

The Best thing about Apple Laptops is that all of them come with Solid State Drives only. Apple MacBooks Stands Top when it’s comes to Design, Portability, and performance. If you are into video editing, or you are a Photographer, you must consider buying the Apple MacBook.

Amazon India is offering more than 10% Discount on Apple Laptops, Along with the Discount, you get 100% Purchase protection, secure Payment, and Easy Returns. How about buying the Top Branded Laptop from the Best e-commerce portal 😉

If you are a Blogger, Tech-Enthusiast, The MacBook Air the Perfect Laptop Choice. The Apple MacBook Air is Portable, Ultra Slim, has an Anti-Reflective screen and offers exceptional performance. On the top of all these features, you get a Laptop That comes with a 10 Hour Battery Life.

You might get surprised that if I tell you that the Battery used in Apple Laptop is Bullet Proof 

So, Make use of the Amazon Apple Laptops Discount offer and Get a nice MacBook Air or a MacBook Pro according to your wish.

Amazon is also offering a discount on the Laptops from other Brands like Acer, Toshiba, MSI, Azom and more brands.

Honorable Mentions

MSI – MSI is one of the most reputed names in producing Gaming Laptops, If you are a Gaming enthusiast, you can consider buying an MSI Laptop, Do some comparison between the MSI and Alienware Laptops and select the Right one Based on the Reviews. Anyways, the final choice is yours 😉

Azom Exigo – The Azom Exigo Laptop offers great Gaming specs at a decent price. The Laptop is Rated five out od 5 Stars by more than 15 Real Buyers. The Azom Exigo Has got some Great reviews for its Gaming Performance.

Why Should you buy Laptop at

  • Amazon India offers 100% Original Laptops, and you will never find Fakes and Duplicate products and all the products sold at are completely Genuine.
  • offers faster delivery than it’s Rival e-commerce portals, you will usually receive the Laptop within a couple of Days. I suggest you pay extra Rs 50 or Rs 100 to receive the Laptop the very next Day in case you want the product faster, or you live in a distant area. You can also subscribe to Amazon prime and enjoy many benefits including free delivery.
  • If your address is not Eligible for Faster Delivery, Contact Amazon Customer Care Via Telephone and tells them about the issue, I am sure they will ship your product faster. All you have to do is just give a missed call to the customer service, and they will call you back 🙂
  • The Payments are Completly Secure, and you Got 100% Privacy since Amazon uses an SSL that encrypts your information, you can feel free to save your Credit/Debit Card details at for faster checkout.
  • Easy Returns – Amazon.In offers 10 Day Returns on the Laptops and other Electronic items, you can read more about that here.

When can I get more discount on Laptops? offers more discounts on the Laptops During the Great Indian Sale, festival season and some special occasions. You can also get a discount on the Laptops from time to time. Keep visiting Rupeetricks to stay updated about the Amazon India Offers, Coupons, and Bank Cashback offers.

You can also get extra discount on the Laptops by Making use of the Bank Cashback offers. Please note that the Bank offers are valid for a limited period only.

For now, Make use of this Amazon laptop offers 2017 and gift a Laptop for yourself 🙂 if you have any queries post them in the comments section below, and I’ll be Glad to answer them.



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