In case you Lost your Jio Sim card or your Smartphone, you can quickly Block your Jio Sim card online via Jio User portal Instantly. It is very important to Block the Sim Card in case we lose our mobile so someone cannot misuse it.

Now, you don’t need to call Jio customer care and ask them to block your sim by providing all the required details. Say thanks to the innovative feature introduced by Reliance Jio that lets users Block and resume their Sim Card online.

Just follow the steps below to block (Suspend) your Jio Sim card. You can also resume the Sim services once you get a new Sim card.

How to Block Jio Sim Online

You can Block your Jio Sim card either by visiting Jio User Portal Online via or via MyJio Mobile App.

As of now, Blocking the Sim card is not possible via MyJio App. So, you have to do it online. Just follow the below steps to do the same.

1. First, Visit the Jio User Portal Here

2. Login to your Jio Account by entering your Jio ID and password.

2. Click on the “Gear Settings Icon” next to your mobile number as shown in the below image.

3. Now, Click the Drop-Down Symbol on the “Suspend and Resume” tab as shown in the below screenshot.

4. Select the reason for Blocking the Jio Sim card. “SIM Damaged” or “SIM/Device Lost.”

5. Once you choose the reason, the “Suspend” button will get activated, and your Jio Sim card will be blocked.

6. The Resume option will be enabled only after you suspend your Jio Sim card.

Just follow the same steps to restart the services back on your SIM. Once you get a new sim card by visiting the nearest Jio Care Center or Reliance Digital, you can reactivate the services on your Jio Sim card carrying the same number.

Reliance Jio has recently partnered with Paytm and enables the users to recharge Jio mobile number or subscriber to the Jio Prime membership via Paytm.

The best thing is Paytm is offering Instant discounts and cashback when you recharge your Jio mobile number online via Paytm.

Now, you know how to block your Jio Sim card. If you have any queries, post them in the comments section below, and I’ll answer them.


  1. I have a prblm my freinds jio num was blocked and that same number another one using he checks all data on this number its officially crime how could we solve this prblm

  2. Thanks dude. I suspended and sent a mail to jio customer care. Fingers crossed. Just wish jio cc team is customer oriented unlike the rest of the cc teams in the country.


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