We all know that ₹500 and ₹1000 notes are demonetized. Now, More people are opting for Mobile Wallets like Paytm as more number of Shops and Restaurants are accepting the Paytm Wallet Cash. Paytm is now charging Just 1% Transaction fees when you transfer the paytm cash to your bank account. Update: KYC verified users can send money from Paytm Wallet to bank account at 0% fee till 31st December 2016.

The 1% Charges will be applied for both the Non-KYC and KYC verified users. The Minimum amount you can transfer from Paytm Wallet to Bank account is Rs.100 only.

Just Paytm to Pay every shopkeeper near you without any additional fee. The 1% Charge will be on the total amount that you want to transfer from Paytm Wallet to your bank account. Please note that there will be no charges at all for sending money between paytm wallets.

How to Transfer Paytm Cash to Bank Account?

1. First, Download the Paytm App

2. Install the App and Signup by entering the required details. Login to your Paytm account.

3. Proceed to “Pay or Send Money” and Click on “Send to Bank.”

4. Enter the Payee Name, Bank Account Number, IFSC code and the Amount.

5. Re-Check the Details you have entered and, Click on “Send.

That’s it! The Paytm Cash will be transferred to your Bank account Instantly via IMPS (Immediate Payment Service).

As I mentioned earlier, Paytm will charge 1% on the total Amount that you send from your Paytm Wallet to the Bank account.


Note: If you are new Paytm Customer, you have to wait 3 Days before sending the money to bank account. In case, you complete the KYC verification you can send money to any bank account instantly.

Paytm Wallet Money Transfer To Bank Account Charges

Starting, 13th November, All the Paytm Users can send money from their Paytm Wallet to any Bank account at 1% fee.

This is good news for both the customers and the merchants. As of now, Paytm Wallet is accepted at more than 800,000 merchants including Spencer’s, Big Bazaar, More, Barista, UBER, Cinepollis, Pizza Hut, KFC, HP, Heritage Fresh and more.

With the Demonetization effect, Paytm Wallet makes its way to Autorickshaws, Milk Booths, Grocery Stores, Petrol Pumps, Movies and even the Street Food.

Now you know, How to transfer Paytm Cash to Bank account. The 1% Transfer Fee is a limited period offer. If you have any queries, Post them in the comments section below, and I’ll answer them.


  1. sir i transferred​ 300 rup to my bank account and 218 rup are credit I’m my account plz tell me what is this problem and if charge rate is 4% than what is this

  2. I have upgraded my Account to vip and have already used 25000 transfer limit to my bank but I still have 20000 in my wallet which i m not able to send to bank or any other mobile number will this work if i scan codes at merchant shops and use the remaining 20000 for the rest of the month or now i will be able to use it only in the next month

  3. I add 100rs. in my wallet …..

    i have 3526rs. in my account , but after transaction i have 3409 rs. in my account (how)

    is any charges are apply to add money in PAYTM wallet ???

    plz tell mee

  4. I am confused about the rate of charges for transfer of funds from paytm to bank account. please help with the latest charges as on 17.12.2016

    Also when are these charges debited? before the transaction, with the transaction or after how many days of the transaction date?

    • For eKYC verified customers, the charges will be zero till 31st. 1% will be charged for non-eKYC users. Charges will be debited immediately.

  5. I’m manufacturing syrups, squashes, jam & jelly and i’m not able to select the appropriate merchant category in food? Can i receive more than 1 lakh in paytm wallet?

    • Three Days. The limit is Rs 5000 per day and 25, 000 per month for normal users. If you are a merchant, you can transfer up to Rs. 50000 per day. If you are KYC verified merchant, then the limit is one lakh.

  6. My business is edible oil and per tin prices in 1000 – 1700 and my profit in per tin 5 rupiya… how can possible in my paytm wallet transfer to my bank account 1 % charge

    • You can store up to one lakh in Paytm wallet. There will be no transfer charges for kyc verified customers till 31st

  7. Is it true transfer from paytm to bank account is zero fees? I am KYC verified customer. what is the transfer limit from paytm to bank account for KYC verified.


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